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Dinner in JB near Johor Jaya

Was refer to this simple chinese coffee shop in Johor Jaya. The food is GREAT!!  And the price is very reasonable.

Trotter Pig Stew brew by pepper roots

Close up for The Soup

The Claypot Fish

The Sweet Potato Leaves

The dinner is delicious just with these 3 dishes, the portion for the 4 of us is just nice. And it’s just MY28 !! The drinks we ordered the Lemon Honey Jelly which is great!

Managed to get the name card from the shop to share. .


Rating: 8.5/10

Duck Meal in JB

Drove to a place so call was formerly famous for process Pineapple, a place was full of pineapple plantation in the past.. so this is so call the Pineapple Estate. This is a place we come for lunch.

Our lunch in Pineapple Estate in JB

Kuay Teow Soup 粿条

Slices of Duck Meat

Beancurd Skin 腐竹

Blood Cube 忘了这是猪或鸭血

Salted Vegetables 咸菜

Intestine 内脏如大小肠,肝等

The Duck Feast ”鸭宴席“

The environment is simple and very kampong style. The drinks are very plain as if mix with lots of water.. The food not bad. The price is average which amount MY40 include drinks we ordered. That average out about MY10=SGD4 plus per pax

Rating : 6.5/10

Jap BBQ Lunch Buffet- Shiu Yakiniku

Recently saw a promotion offer by DEAL the Jap BBQ Lunch Buffet- Shiu Yakiniku. Original plan to have family gathering with visiting guests dccided to give it a try. Got it @SGD23.30 per pax from the original SGD46.60. Just before setting off , has gone into the their website to check for direction, then I realised that they have many different promotion as well as menu.

The menu for my purchased DEAL is :-

1. Seasoned baby octopus
2. Japanese cucumber salad
3. Big bean sprout
4. Edamame (green peas)
5*Cabbage Salad (thousand Island Sauce)
7*Korean Style Side dish
8. Chawanmushi
9. Assorted maki
10. Assorted sushi

Pan Fried & Deep Fried
11*Teriyaki Chicken
12*Deep Fried Squid Ball
13Sakana Katsu (Deep Fried Fish Fillet)
14Tori Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken)
15*Potato Fries
16*Agedashi Tofu
17*Mixed Veg Tempura
18*Pan Fried Pock w Onion & Chilli

Yakiniku BBQ
19Pork belly
20Pork collar
21Pork sausage
22Chicken leg
23Chicken breast
24Chicken sausage
25Beef rib eye
26*Beef Striploin

Soup & Rice
1*Korean Kim Chi Soup
2Japanese miso soup
3Japanese steamed rice
4*Fried rice

5Fresh fruits
6Ice cream

7Japanese tea
8Korean tea
9Fruit juice

It’s not too difficult to find the place if one drive. For it is just opposite Jurong Bird Park, located in The Village. It was initially given the impression that it’s full house during reservation, however it’s not that crowded after all. The restaurant decoration is simple, it does not have the cosy or impressive ambiance though.

Somehow, we find the space is quite cramp for group of 5 or 6. The table size, the gap between table and seating area.

The central food area is not appealing nor the presentation appetizing but generally the taste is range from acceptable to good. We did not take much of the sushi as it was not in cold area nor on ice but display and place in normal room temperature  though it is in air-con environment.

Sushi, Seasoned Baby Octopus, ..

Appetizer: Bean Sprout,Cabbage Salad, Cucumber

Fried Squid Ball,Fried Rice,Pan Fried Pock

Sakana Katsu, Tori Karaage

The BBQ  is good.  The rest acceptable. The drinks is very plain seems very diluted. The ice cream is good but not much choice of favor and seems to have limited stock. It’s our first visit there.

BBQ Pork belly, Pork collar, Pork sausage, Chicken sausage

Beef Striploin

Pork and Chicken Meat

Smoke Free BBQ

Korean Kim Chi Soup

Japanese miso soup


Advise for those who plan to go there it’s better you place order for those you love to eat first.  And tell them the sequence of bring out the order. With the above listed range of menu you will sure fill very full even to eat a small portion of each individual.  So for best value, guess it’s better you decide the sequence of the dishes to be presented to you rather than leave it to the discretion of others.

Indeed, there is no smell of bbq when you walk out of the restaurant..

Overall : 6/10

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Hawker Centre Blk 93, Lorong 4 Toa Payoh

Hawker Centre in Blk 93, Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, S(310093)
Tried the Food for the below listed stalls on 11Jun2011, Sat

Wang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice,stall # 01- 53
Ordered for the Chicken and Duck rice.
The Chicken rice is good.
The chicken is fresh, fragrance, tender, smooth and the rice
is tasty.
The Duck rice failed though as it's just tasteless and the
meat is kind of soggy.
We Will come back for Chicken Rice for this stall.

Kuey Chap,5pm to 12.30am
It was really long queue waited for almost 40mins!
However, I find that it doesn't worth the wait..ordered for
White Fish Cake, Tau Pop, Tau Kua, Pig Stomach, Pig Big
Intestine, Braised Pork Meat.
It failed all of us just that the Kuay Chap is soft and
tanggi but not fanstatic either.
or may be we just don't like the taste.

The noodle stall opposite Kuey Chap stall,just between the
Hong Kong Zhi Char and Malay food stall.
From here, we ordered Fried Prawn Noodle, it turn out
over-fried which overwhelmed with black carbon taste 'chao da'. 

Wu Xiang #01-202,11.30am to 8pm. Close Tues
Taste good! Left with not much variety though as we are the
last few customer before he close the stalls
PS: Didn't bring camera along, mobile happened to be low battery->no pictures






见富贵而生谗容者,最可耻。遇贫穷而作骄态者,贱莫甚。居家戒争讼,讼则终凶。处世戒多言,言多必失。毋恃势力而凌逼孤寡,勿贪口腹而恣杀生禽。乖僻自是,悔误必多。颓惰自甘,家道难成。狎昵恶少,久必受其累.屈志老成 ,急则可相依。轻听发言,安知非人之谮诉,当忍耐三思.因事相争,安知非我 之不是,须平心遭暗想。

施惠勿念,受恩莫忘。凡事当留余地,得意不宜再往。人有喜庆,不可生妒忌心。人有祸患,不可生喜幸心。善欲人见,不是真善。恶恐人知,便是大恶。见色 而起淫心,报在妻女.匿怨而用暗箭,祸延子孙。



〔1〕庭除:厅堂院落。 〔2〕昏:天刚黑时。 〔3〕物力:可供使用的物资。 〔4〕未雨而绸缪(móu谋):语出《诗经·豳风·鸱》“迨天之未雨,彻彼桑土,绸缪牖户”,后比喻事先做好工作。 〔5〕自奉:自己日常生活的供给或消费。 〔6〕宴客:宴请宾客。留连:乐而忘返或依恋不舍。 〔7〕质:质朴、朴素。 〔8〕瓦缶:泥制的盆罐,指粗劣的餐具。 〔9〕约:少,简约。 〔10〕珍羞:贵重珍奇的食品。 〔11〕三姑:尼姑、道姑、卦姑。六婆:牙婆、媒婆、师婆、虔婆、药婆、稳婆。泛指穿堂入室、搬弄是非的妇女。 〔12〕经书:儒家经典著作。 〔13〕义方:做人的正道。多指家教。 〔14〕乖舛:违背,差错。 〔15〕分多润寡:富有的周济贫穷的。 〔16〕厚奁:丰厚的嫁妆。 〔17〕莫甚:指没有比此更严重了。 〔18〕乖僻自是:执拗孤僻,自以为是。 〔19〕颓惰自甘:颓废怠惰,自甘情愿。 〔20〕狎昵恶少:亲昵品行恶劣的浪荡青年。 〔21〕屈志老成:曲意迁就年高有德者。 〔22〕谮(zèn怎,去声)诉:进诉谗言,说人坏话。 〔23〕施惠:给人以恩惠。 〔24〕匿怨:对人怀恨在心,面上却无表露。 〔25〕饔飧:早餐和晚餐。 〔26〕国课:公家的钱粮课赋。 〔27〕囊橐(tuó驮):口袋。 〔28〕科第:科举考试。 〔29〕身家:自身和家庭。 〔30〕庶乎近焉:差不多便近于是个好人了。












Burning Brightly ~ Allowing Your Soul to Shine

When we hide and try to be invisible and unseen by all we are only really hiding from ourselves.

At times, we’ve all wanted to crawl under a rock and hide away from the world. We may have preferred to be invisible rather than let other people see us or notice that we exist. This desire not to be seen often happens when we are feeling very hurt, angry, or simply weary of the world. And while we may console ourselves with the defense that we are shy, an introvert, or a loner, we may actually be hiding.

When we hide and make believe that we are invisible, we can think that we no one sees us even though, truthfully, we are only really hiding from ourselves. And while we may try to live life as inconspicuously as possible, we only succeed in becoming more conspicuous because people can’t help but notice that we are trying to hide our light. None of us are meant to hide; each one of us radiates a unique brilliance that is meant to illuminate the world. When we try to dim our light, we diminish the natural radiance of the Universe, and we deprive the people around us of the unique gifts and talents that we are here to share.

Stepping out of the wings and letting your light shine is actually a way to serve the planet. We each have a responsibility to contribute to our community, and we do this when we let ourselves be seen. It doesn’t do anyone any good when we try to hide. We are all beings of light and we are here to light the way for each other. When we let ourselves shine, we become a bright mirror that others can see their own reflected brilliance through, and they can’t help but want to shine also. Shine your light out into the world, bless those around you by sharing your gifts, and watch the universe glow.