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My first time sign up in DEAL (just to share the experience)

I was always very skeptical about DEAL or the similar..

Well, without trying I won’t really know how it will be like ..

 I sign up DEAL as it was in my mailbox and have got sharing from friends that it is not a hoax nor scam. Just coincidentally  I was planning to have family outing for a good meal,

My first time purchase via DEAL when I saw this promotion from Shiu Yakiniku which sound unique and seems nice. So purchased @SGD23.30NETT per pax from the original SGD46.60 as stated in the DEAL which gave me a feel that I got a good bargain! 

My next immediate move was to quickly make reservation before I forget about this whole thing which I may, due to my forgetful nature..

And when we were there at the entrance of Shiu Yakiniku, we realised that they are marketing and display a banner with the promotional price of SGD24.90++ for  walk in guests. The first impression was not that good. Reason being I thought the it was suppose to be SGD46.60  for those who didn’t purchase via DEAL.

Hmm.. may be it’s different menu for that promotion price tag as compared to ours. Moreover, I have never patron this restaurant before I can’t really know what is the menu list with that promotion offer to walk in guests..

May be those who did experience as a walk in guest, do share with us the menu and experience with us here ; )

One thing I am convince is base on market rate for the price tag we paid for it’s fairly worth of the menu we were given if we are a great eater by volume. Which I think it is fair deal.

Refer to the visit then.

My second time purchase via DEAL

My second attempt purchase via DEAL is when I come across this good deal for travelling to KL from Singapore by Luxury Coach, provided by Luxury Tours & Travel.

I found this worth as I have ever taken this coach before last year and find it not bad and it cost me about SGD30+ and then I saw this offering SGD17 from DEAL !! Sound a good deal to me ! So I purchased few such tickets for my family, planning to travel to KL in Aug. The only unfavorable condition are one can only travel from Saturdays to Thursdays .. which I usually prefer Friday. And the departure time from Singapore only available for us to chose between 3.30pm or 7pm which means we can only arrived KL earliest by 10pm if we depart at 3.30pm.

Have yet to activate this, thus will share with you after my experience in Aug 2011 when I board the coach then ;  )

(Sharing about boarding the coach)

And I have yet to progress to purchase those long distance Oversea Travel , as the price tag for that is bigger..that means the risk will be higher too. Just concern that what will happen if I couldn’t get the date range we want to travel and it is just too rush to plan as DEAL always required one to confirm asap as the promotion window time frame is short. What happen if the expiry date is due?

However, for those who did have extensive experience of DEAL, you are welcome to share your experience : )


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TERMINAL BERSEPADU SELATAN (TBS) Bus Terminal for Coach in KL, Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia

Inside TBS


Newly opened (January 2011) Bus terminal for south-bound buses (Melaka, Singapore etc.) in Bandar Tasik Selatan in southern Kuala Lumpur. The high-end and revolutionary 570-million Ringgit bus terminal suppose to looks and operates more like an airport with a centralized ticketing system. The TBS bus terminal is located about 20min south of the KL city centre. It is however conveniently linked to ERL (KLIA Transit express train, connecting KL Sentral and the airport), KTM Komuter train and LRT. There are also intercity buses, taxis and city buses. The terminal has 55 platform bays and 110 holding bays and 1,800 seats in the terminal. Passenger will be able to buy tickets for any bus company at the ticket counter and receive a boarding pass with their name. Information of bus departure times and gates are displayed at various screens throughout the terminal. It is also planned that travellers can book their tickets online through the TBS website.

The different Coach Ticketing Counter

More counters..

Waiting area for the Coach Arrival

"Departure Gate"

How to get to BTS/TBS:

  • LRT: take Ampang line towards Sri Petaling, get off at Bandar Tasik Selation
  • KTM: take Seremban line, get off at Bandar Tasik Selation
  • ERL: take KLIA transit, get off at Bandar Tasik Selation from the train station there is a bridge that directly connects to the bus terminal